Promoting safe, responsible farming worldwide

The global challenge


of the world's vegetated land is currently used for agriculture (UNEP/FAO)

9.8 billion

projected world population by 2050 – requiring an increase in food production of between 60–80% (FAO)


of water withdrawals are due to food production – with water scarcity estimated to affect 50% of the world population by 2030 (FAO/UNICEF)


of food produced worldwide - 1.3 bn tons - is lost or wasted annually (UNEP)

600 million

people fall ill worldwide as a result of contaminated food each year (WHO)


of total greenhouse gas emissions result from global food systems (FAO)

The GLOBALG.A.P. vision

Our vision 

What do we want to achieve?  

We envision a world in which farms are recognized for their efforts to continuously produce enough safe food while safeguarding our environment and the welfare of farming communities. 

Our mission

How will we achieve our vision?  

We collaborate with supply chain stakeholders to foster the global adoption of safe, socially and environmentally responsible farming practices by providing industry-leading, cost-effective and value-adding assurance and benchmarking solutions. 

Our purpose

What do we believe?  

Every generation has a right to safe food. To protect this right now and for future generations, the world’s farms must produce safe food in ways that are socially and environmentally responsible and resilient.

What we do

GLOBALG.A.P. is a brand from a private company (FoodPLUS GmbH) that partners and collaborates with the entire range of food industry stakeholders, including producers, retailers, suppliers, government, NGOs, and more.

Our solutions are based on a portfolio of standards for safe, socially and environmentally responsible farming practices, and the services that enable them.

The most widely used of these is Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA), applicable for agriculture, aquaculture, and floriculture.

How we function

GLOBALG.A.P. farm assurance solutions can be applied to the production processes of more than 700 different products. Each type of product has a different checklist that details the relevant principles and criteria to fulfil for that product. Each checklist must be audited according to the GLOBALG.A.P. general regulations – a set of scheme rules for checklist implementation.
Accredited third-party certification bodies carry out audits to verify compliance on farm level. This means that while the GLOBALG.A.P. Secretariat writes the requirements that farms must fulfil to gain certification, it is the independent certification and verification bodies that verify whether the producers are actually compliant with our standards.
To ensure that the third-party certification bodies are working according to our rules, we have a pioneering integrity system with independent assessments to monitor their performance.
Following an audit to one of our farm assurance programs, producer information is entered into our secure IT systems. These IT systems enable real-time validation of GLOBALG.A.P. certificates and assessment results.
We have a harmonization program to benchmark schemes and standards around the world against GLOBALG.A.P. farm assurance programs, cutting duplication for producers and simplifying sourcing processes for supply chains.
We work in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and have achieved recognition for our standards from other key initiatives such as the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).
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our impact

years of experience in the sector
approved auditors working for 189 accredited certification bodies
0 +
of participants engaged in capacity building projects and training workshops on five continents in 10+ languages
0 s
producers under certification in over 130 countries
0 +
million tons of certified aquaculture and livestock production in 2021
0 +
farm and trader profiles connected to our consumer label (GGN label) which can be found in 40+ countries
0 +
million hectares of certified plant production in 2021
0 +
international experts active in technical committees, national technical working groups and focus groups
0 +
Community Members from the industry who support GLOBALG.A.P. standards
0 +

Our core values

We are a purpose-driven company comprised of people with passion for what we do. Our motivation is to have a positive impact on the world by providing solutions to global problems faced by agricultural supply chains.

We are more than 100 people from all over the world speaking many different languages, from different backgrounds, and with different experiences. Diversity shapes our unique GLOBALG.A.P. culture. We appreciate each person’s contribution to our common goals and treat everyone equally.

Respect! Give it to get it.

Trust! Build it and keep it.

Honesty! Live it.

Loyalty! Show it.

Care! Listen to each other.

We add value to agricultural supply chains by providing innovative, cost efficient, and transparent solutions.

We strive to lead by example with professionalism, competence, and a focus on continuous improvement.

We are committed to demonstrating the highest competitive agility and adaptability through efficiently providing quality services and targeted solutions based on our purpose.

We are financially responsible to ensure a sustainable future for ourselves and respect our partners’ desire for the same approach.

Trust is our currency.

We consistently live our shared values with internal and external stakeholders. Our actions are authentic and reliable, and we hold ourselves accountable to our promises. Personal integrity is the foundation of our company values.

As a committed team, we define and work towards common goals and celebrate our successes.

We strive for clear communication and ensure that it has been received and understood.

We are generous in providing feedback, recognizing achievements, and accepting constructive criticism.

We work hard and we laugh hard.

We understand our role and responsibilities.

We grant ourselves the greatest possible freedom to organize our work and believe that flexibility is a right and duty.