GLOBALG.A.P. es nuestra marca registrada y un conjunto de normas para garantizar unas buenas prácticas agrícolas (B.P.A. en español, y G.A.P. en inglés).

Somos una organización global con un objetivo fundamental: la producción agropecuaria segura y sostenible a nivel mundial. Establecemos normas voluntarias para la certificación de productos agrícolas en todo el mundo, y cada vez más productores, proveedores y compradores armonizan sus normas de certificación para que se ajusten a las nuestras.


Todas las generaciones tienen derecho a alimentos inocuos, y nosotros ayudamos a conectar a los productores con mercados en los que puedan vender sus productos agrícolas producidos de manera inocua y sostenible. Para ello, desarrollamos e implementamos sistemas de aseguramiento agrícola basados en hechos y están reconocidos a lo largo de toda la cadena de suministro.


We are a purpose-driven company comprised of people with passion for what we do. Our motivation is to have a positive impact on the world by providing solutions to global problems faced by agricultural supply chains.

We are more than 100 people from all over the world speaking many different languages, from different backgrounds, and with different experiences. Diversity shapes our unique GLOBALG.A.P. culture. We appreciate each person’s contribution to our common goals and treat everyone equally.

Respect! Give it to get it.

Trust! Build it and keep it.

Honesty! Live it.

Loyalty! Show it.

Care! Listen to each other.

We add value to agricultural supply chains by providing innovative, cost efficient, and transparent solutions.

We strive to lead by example with professionalism, competence, and a focus on continuous improvement.

We are committed to demonstrating the highest competitive agility and adaptability through efficiently providing quality services and targeted solutions based on our purpose.

We are financially responsible to ensure a sustainable future for ourselves and respect our partners’ desire for the same approach.

Trust is our currency.

We consistently live our shared values with internal and external stakeholders. Our actions are authentic and reliable, and we hold ourselves accountable to our promises. Personal integrity is the foundation of our company values.

As a committed team, we define and work towards common goals and celebrate our successes.

We strive for clear communication and ensure that it has been received and understood.

We are generous in providing feedback, recognizing achievements, and accepting constructive criticism.

We work hard and we laugh hard.

We understand our role and responsibilities.

We grant ourselves the greatest possible freedom to organize our work and believe that flexibility is a right and duty.