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Protecting the GLOBALG.A.P. Brand

Brand Integrity is a system which protects the GLOBALG.A.P. brand by detecting and stopping any improper use of GLOBALG.A.P. branding, as well as any contractual issues, non-authorized certification bodies, and fraudulent certification.

The Certification Integrity Team monitors and assesses the performance of all GLOBALG.A.P. approved certification bodies in so-called Integrity Assessments. Integrity Assessments ensure that CBs are conducting their audits in line with GLOBALG.A.P. guidelines & procedures, the scheme’s normative documents, and the signed license agreement. This ensures that the same criteria and quality standards have been used on a consistent basis.

Brand Integrity Activities

  1. Updating the GLOBALG.A.P. Database, which provides internal validation (on behalf of GLOBALG.A.P.) of GGNs (GLOBALG.A.P. Number) on end products.
  2. Answering logo use requests or notifications from producers, packers, suppliers, and certification bodies regarding the proper use of the logo and trademark.
  3. Monitoring the correct use of certification claims in labels present on the market, in press releases, in information in the media, etc., and following up on incidences.

Issues Processed in 2019

The GLOBALG.A.P. Database

The GLOBALG.A.P. Database is a key tool of the Integrity Program. It contains all the producers with a GLOBALG.A.P. certificate worldwide and their unique 13-digit identity number (GGN). The GGN can be used to search the Database for all the relevant product and certification information for a producer.     
The tool is now used daily by retailers and traders to confirm the status of producers and the validity of their certificates. Any certificate not registered in the publicly available search site is considered immediately invalid.
The Database enables instant and complete accessibility of registration and status data for every producer and product, thus ensuring traceability and transparency.