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The Future

the future

The current Integrity Program is mature and has accumulated vast experience. The portfolio of GLOBALG.A.P. products has been significantly expanded in the recent years and in 2019, the Integrity Program scope also increased. In addition to the normal IFA, GRASP and Nurture assessments, assessments for the following standards and scopes were performed: Aquaculture, CoC, (for certified aquaculture), Hops, PHA, PSS and HPSS.

Looking to the future

In 2020, the Integrity Program scope will continue to increase, and the 2020 assessment program will also include SPRING, FSMA PSR, and, if possible, Livestock and CFM.       
Feedback from Integrity Assessments was used to develop the new version of GRASP, which is to be published in 2020.

The number of approved certification bodies continues to increase, and the geographical location of their operations diversifies. Keeping up with changes and monitoring the implementation of new products continuously demands additional efforts from the Integrity Program in order to guarantee and maintain the good reputation that GLOBALG.A.P. enjoys.

Key Activities in 2020

  • Integrity assessors are supporting the development of an online auditing tool by GLOBALG.A.P.
  • The new version of the Chain of Custody standard becomes obligatory, and it will also be increasingly monitored by the Integrity Program.
  • Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Integrity Program will also participate in the development and monitoring of remote assessments.