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Ensuring a high level of quality and integrity

Certification Body Approval

Certification bodies that want to become GLOBALG.A.P. approved must be accredited for ISO/IEC 17065 for the relevant standard (such as the Integrated Farm Assurance [IFA]), the scope (e.g. Crops, Aquaculture, Livestock), and the sub-scope (e.g. Fruits and Vegetables, Pigs, etc.) by an accreditation body which is a member of the International Accreditation Forum and signatory of the Multilateral Agreement on Product Certification. This means that the accreditation body has been subject to a peer evaluation in the product certification field and has received a positive recommendation in its report.

GLOBALG.A.P. only signs license and certification agreements with certification bodies that successfully pass the GLOBALG.A.P. internal approval process. The agreements and the accreditation ensure a high level of standardized quality and integrity of certification bodies’ procedures.


GLOBALG.A.P. approved certification bodies by the end of 2019

Some certification bodies have been approved for more than one standard and scope.

GLOBALG.A.P. Approved Certification Bodies


Maintaining a high-level knowledge base

GLOBALG.A.P. conducts regular workshops for GLOBALG.A.P. approved certification bodies (CBs), which are designed for auditors, inspectors, in-house trainers, and scheme managers who must fulfill certain qualification requirements.

Every GLOBALG.A.P. approved CB must appoint:

  1. A scheme manager, who must attend an annual Scheme Managers Update Workshop.
  2. An in-house trainer, who is responsible for training the CB’s auditors and inspectors. In-house trainers are scope-specific and must attend a face-to-face In-House Trainer Training, as well as pass an exam on the content of the entire standard. They are responsible for IFA – Integrated Farm Assurance, CoC – Chain of Custody, GRASP – Social Practice, etc., for every standard version.

If a CB’s scheme manager and/or in-house trainer do not comply with any of the GLOBALG.A.P. qualification requirements – including the training described above – the CB gets blocked in the GLOBALG.A.P. Database and cannot issue any certificates.

All GLOBALG.A.P. approved auditors and inspectors who are responsible for auditing the quality management systems (QMS) of producer groups and multisite producers must attend a face-to-face QMS Training and pass an exam on how to audit the GLOBALG.A.P. QMS. In addition, all GLOBALG.A.P. approved auditors and inspectors must pass an online exam on the content of the normative documents of the standards, scopes, and sub-scopes they are approved to audit, according to the standard version. Auditors or inspectors who do not pass the online exams for the scopes and sub-scopes they are registered for – or the QMS training in the case of auditors – are blocked in the GLOBALG.A.P. Database and cannot perform any audits/inspections.

Online Exams

Available in following languages: Arabic, Chinese (simplified), Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese.

Worldwide Training Locations

GLOBALG.A.P. Trainings Completed in 2019

CB In-house Trainer Training in 2019 ​

Qualifies inspectors and auditors working for GLOBALG.A.P. approved certification bodies to become in-house trainers.

CB Scheme Manager Update Training in 2019

The content focuses on CB operational issues and updates and gives the opportunity to clarify technical questions. It is neither scope nor standard specific.

CB QMS Auditor Training for Group Certification in 2019

Trains auditors of GLOBALG.A.P. approved certification bodies to audit the Quality Management System of producer groups.

Webinars in 2019

Update Trainings in 2019

CB Focus Days in 2019