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the future

Similar to many activities around the world in 2020, the Integrity Program had to innovate and adapt its process due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, in April 2020, we developed and launched the GLOBALG.A.P. Remote procedure to provide tools for certification bodies and producers to deal with the situation.

Internally, we adjusted the Integrity Program procedures to include remote activities, such as off-site CB office assessments and off-site producer assessments (including IFA certified producers and CoC certified companies). We also extended the add-on checklist review procedure that was already in use with new add-ons like the Food Safety Modernization Act Produce Safety Rule (FSMA PSR).

Looking ahead

Going forward, the Integrity Program will continue to closely monitor CBs’ performance in this new configuration that is constantly growing in complexity – more CBs, more regions, more products, and more standards and add-ons. For that reason, we need to focus on improving our processes, including adding new technologies and strengthening CIPRO assessors’ training and calibration.

The new version of our flagship Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA v6) will be launched in 2022 and the Integrity Program will adapt to suit the needs of the new standard.

Key activities in 2021

  • Integrity assessors continue to implement the decisions taken by the Integrity Surveillance Committee and cover other risk-based assessments through on-site activities – where traveling is possible – as well as remote activities where traveling is not possible.
  • The implementation of GLOBALG.A.P.’s Remote procedure is being verified through ongoing assessments.
  • The implementation of the new IFA v5.4 and other GFSI recognized standards (IFA v5.3, HPSS and PHA) is being monitored to support the GFSI recognition process.
  • Integrity assessors continue to support the development of the new CoC v6, IFA v6 and GRASP v2, in addition to the development of IT tools, primarily the Audit Online Hub (AOH).
  • The Integrity Program continues to monitor the implementation of add-ons, such as GRASP and Nurture.
  • Integrity assessors are also participating as trainers in GLOBALG.A.P. CB trainings.