Integrity report 2020




Brand Integrity

Complaints Management

Customer Support

The Future

Andras Fekete

Vice President / Chief Integrity Officer

The GLOBALG.A.P. system’s commitment to quality, transparency and continuous improvement has never been challenged in the same way as during the past year. Despite the COVID-19 crisis, we have accelerated our innovation to ensure that we not only adapt to the times, but that our standard’s comprehensive quality control remains unrivaled in our ever-changing industry.

The Integrity Program, the first of its kind in food certification, has been closely monitoring GLOBALG.A.P.’s certification bodies and their activities since 2008. This ensures that our certificates and the integrity of our standards are both trusted all over the world and also upheld over time. In addition to this, the program provides valuable insights from our customer support and complaints management operations that help to optimize our activities moving forward.

This report explores the areas of the GLOBALG.A.P. Integrity Program in more detail and highlights what we worked on in 2020.