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In 2021, integrity assessors have continued to implement the decisions taken by the Integrity Surveillance Committee and cover other risk-based and random assessments. These were conducted through a combination of on-site activities where traveling was possible (mainly in Europe) and remote activities where traveling was not possible. 

The Integrity Program continued monitoring the implementation of add-ons such as GLOBALG.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practice (GRASP), and investigating complaints when an integrity assessment was needed to provide more information and evidence for their closure. 

During 2021, integrity assessors also supported the development of the new versions of the Integrated Farm Assurance standard (IFA v6), the GLOBALG.A.P. Chain of Custody standard (CoC v6), and the GRASP v2 add-on. 

They were also involved in the development of the IT tools that support the delivery of these products, primarily Audit Online Hub (AOH), as well as supporting the certification body (CB) training program. Integrity assessors also acted as trainers in GLOBALG.A.P. CB trainings. 

Looking ahead

As the new version of GLOBALG.A.P.’s flagship standard IFA v6 was launched in April 2022, integrity assessors will dedicate a significant portion of their capacity to performing CB trainings on the new versions of the standards, and in this way support the implementation of the many changes that they include. 

The Integrity Program will also focus on the validation of these new aspects (such as the outcome-based concept) and the relevant IT tools that connect them. 

In addition, given the current scenario of constantly growing complexity (more CBs, more regions, more standards and add-ons, an expanded product list), the Integrity Program will focus on the search for new data analysis tools that could provide more effective targeting of integrity assessments. 

With the capturing of the audit (checklist) data in AOH, several new features will be developed and utilized to monitor and identify risk areas. These features include automated control of compliance with the minimum number of audits per auditor, the rotation of the auditor, measuring the audit duration per auditor, finding the most frequent non-compliances per product per region, etc. 

We also look forward to aligning our activities with the new smart farm assurance solutions approach during 2022 and beyond.