Suitable animal nourishment is an integral part of the food chain.

Compound feed plays a vital role in the process of ensuring food safety along the entire livestock and aquaculture production and supply chain. The production and sourcing of raw materials plus their processing for quality-assured compound feed has become a major consumer concern.

CFM defines the control points and compliance criteria for quality assurance in the production, supply and purchase of raw materials and feed ingredients for compound feed. It covers all the production steps from the purchase, handling and storage to the processing and distribution of compound feed. The standard covers commercial compound feed and not home-mixed feed, given that home-mixed feed does not leave the farm it is produced on. Producers who prepare home mixes must follow criteria already outlined in the Livestock or Aquaculture standard and do not require additional certification against CFM.

Compound feed manufacturers who supply GLOBALG.A.P.-certified producers must be certified against the CFM standard. GLOBALG.A.P. certified livestock and aquaculture producers are also required to source their feed from CFM-certified compound feed manufacturers or benchmarked standards. You can search for a certified compound feed manufacturer in the GLOBALG.A.P. Database e.g. with a specific number like the GGN or via a country/product/standard combination (please note that in this case you need to choose a country, and afterwards other search filters (e.g. Country: Vietnam, Product=Compound Feed for Aquaculture, Standard=GLOBAL.G.A.P. Compound Feed Manufacturing).

GLOBALG.A.P. also benchmarks existing CFM standards and established assurance systems of compound feed manufacturers. The GLOBALG.A.P. CFM Standard serves as a reference that compound feed manufacturers and compound feed manufacturer assurance schemes can use to demonstrate their compliance with GLOBALG.A.P. requirements. And it helps livestock and aquaculture producers find reliable and assured sources for compound feed.

Covers compound feed manufacturing and consists of 7 sections with one annex and a total of 21 control points.

Covers the aquaculture and livestock farms. It consists of 6 sections and one annex with a total of 19 control points.

Covers the processing companies that intend to process and supply aquaculture or livestock products to be labeled with the NON-GM / “Ohne GenTechnik” label. It consists of 8 sections and one annex with a total of 17 control points.