Together with the Hop Growers of America, merchants, processors, and brewer customers around the world, GLOBALG.A.P. has developed a standard to specifically address the unique farm-level needs of hop growers.

The Hop sub-scope (HO) covers propagation material, soil management, pre-harvest evaluation, harvesting, and post-harvest activities.

Producers supplying hop cones solely for beer brewing must comply with the requirements as set out in the All Farm Base (AF) CPCC, the Crops Base (CB) CPCC, and the Hop (HO) CPCC.

In cases where producers also supply the market with fresh hop shoots, they must additionally comply with the Fruit & Vegetables (FV) module.

There are two parallel valid versions of IFA: IFA V5.3-GFS, which has GFSI V7.2 recognition, and IFA V5.2, which will lose its GFSI recognition for certificates issued after 21 May 2020.

IFA V5.3-GFS includes two new control points for the Hop producers: one on approved and unapproved suppliers and one on an Environmental Monitoring Plan. 

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