Farm Assurers are independent, on-site advisors and consultants who help producers navigate the steps necessary for implementing good agricultural practices and obtaining GLOBALG.A.P. certification. With first-hand knowledge of the GLOBALG.A.P. system and the latest industry developments, Farm Assurers use their expertise to simplify audit preparations and make the standard easier to understand.

the benefits of working with a farm assurer

Simplify your audit preparations

Extend your market power and reach

Access the latest knowledge and expertise

Connect with potential customers

Find a Licensed Farm Assurer

Open to agriculture and aquaculture businesses and organizations that offer consulting services to their clients.

Benefits of becoming a Farm Assurer

  • Upgrade your knowledge and competence though GLOBALG.A.P. training
  • Extend your business and network though GLOBALG.A.P. promotion
  • List your company name, website, and contact information on our website to attract clients to your consulting services
  • Offer your clients additional services and reliable expertise
  •  Add value to your consulting business with a trusted global brand name
  • Easy to use interface

What our Farm Assurers say