2020 was a strange and difficult year for the events industry, from which GLOBALG.A.P. was not immune: The bi-annual GLOBALG.A.P. SUMMIT, due to be held in China in September 2020, had to be cancelled. This was a big disappointment but, thankfully, GLOBALG.A.P. was still able to engage with stakeholders throughout the year at a variety of digital events.

Events Hosted by GLOBALG.A.P.


10-12 March 2020, Abidjan and Korhogo, Ivory Coast

Each year GLOBALG.A.P. embarks on a tour to visit different countries and examine GLOBALG.A.P. standards on the ground. The COVID-19 pandemic prevented us from hosting many TOUR stops in 2020, however two stops were able to take place in Ivory Coast before restrictions were imposed. More than 100 delegates attended workshops and conferences organized with the support of partners in Abidjan and Korhogo.

World Consultation Tour 2020

May 2020 – January 2021, Online

The World Consultation Tour was developed as a means to engage stakeholders in the revision process of the IFA standard. It was received enthusiastically and we saw a total of 695 participants join us in 120 virtual round table meetings. The World Consultation Tour is helping us to make our IFA version 6 our most widely consulted standard yet!

GLOBALG.A.P. Aquaculture Virtual Networking Booth

21-23 April 2020, Online

Each year we look forward to networking with aquaculture industry professionals at the Seafood Expo Global trade fair. Due to the pandemic, this event was cancelled in 2020. Nevertheless, we at GLOBALG.A.P. were keen to offer an alternative way to connect with stakeholders in the industry. Our online networking platform provided just this. Any interested parties were invited to book a personal no-obligation slot to talk with our CEO or aquaculture experts.

GLOBALG.A.P. Floriculture Virtual Networking Booth

3 & 7 September 2020, Online

Due to the ongoing pandemic, GLOBALG.A.P. chose not to attend the Christmas Tree Fair in Langesoe in 2020. Noting that a communication outlet for stakeholders is still vital, GLOBALG.A.P. offered another online virtual booth: Any interested parties were invited to book a personal no-obligation slot to talk with our CEO or floriculture experts.

Virtual French Event

26 November 2020, Online

France is a global food player with a strong reputation for promoting safe and sustainable agricultural practices. With more than 200,000 hectares of certified agricultural production, it is also one of the most important countries for GLOBALG.A.P. Thousands of French farmers rely on GLOBALG.A.P. certification to supply their national and international customers with healthy and safe products. GLOBALG.A.P.’s Virtual French Event was the first exclusively for the French market.

The two-and-a-half-hour event included an overview of GLOBALG.A.P. standards and products, information on version 6, a discussion on GLOBALG.A.P. and sustainability in the global market, as well as an introduction to the National Technical Working Group in France and how it represents the interests of the French market.

Events Attended by GLOBALG.A.P.

On Location

IPM Essen

28 to 30 January 2020, Essen

The International Plant Fair in Essen is a key event for the floriculture industry. In 2020 GLOBALG.A.P.’s floriculture experts were on hand at our booth to discuss the IFA Flowers and Ornamentals standard, the GGN label for certified floriculture, and collect ideas and suggestions for the revision of our IFA standards.

Fruit Logistica

5 to 7 February 2020, Berlin

Fruit Logistica is one of the biggest trade fairs which GLOBALG.A.P. visits each year. In 2020 it was the last event that we were able to visit in person before the pandemic hit.
A highlight from the event was the press conference where the revision of our flagship IFA standard was announced. It was revealed that the focus of the revision was to be on simplification, digitalization, a risk-based approach, and customized checklists. The World Consultation Tour was also announced as a key part of the revision process.
GLOBALG.A.P. also presented the new Advisory Board members, with Hugo Hays, Mina Mälgand Hansen, and Klaus Mayer attending as panelists.


IFAMA 30th World Conference

24 September 2020

The annual conference from the International Food and Agribusiness Management Association (IFAMA) took place virtually in 2020. GLOBALG.A.P. had a virtual exhibition webpage and CEO Kristian Moeller was invited to hold a panel discussion on “Food Chain Transparency: A Question of Governance?.” He was joined by other CEOs from leading agribusiness firms from Asia and Europe to discuss consumers’ demands for more transparency and the tendency of major brands to conceal their food chain data and opportunities for technical interfaces to bridge the gap.

Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit

13 to 16 October 2020

With the on-site event cancelled, PMA offered an alternative way for companies to showcase their offerings. GLOBALG.A.P. North America had a business profile in the Fresh Summit Marketplace. We look forward to the next in-person event in New Orleans in 2021!

United Fresh LIVE!

15 to 19 June 2020

GLOBALG.A.P. North America had a virtual booth at the virtual United Fresh trade fair in 2020 which was visited by approximately 600 people. GLOBALG.A.P. North America also hosted and sponsored a Food Safety Reception on 15 June, which 264 people attended. The GLOBALG.A.P. team from Latin America joined virtually.

Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Symposium

9 November 2020

GLOBALG.A.P. aquaculture expert Remko Oosterveld made a virtual appearance at the Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Symposium to present on the topic of “Building a Sustainable Future for Aquaculture: The role and importance of credible certification.” Together with Gorka Azkona from the Spanish supermarket chain Eroski and Hermann Wisse from GSSI, Remko Oosterveld presented a successful case study of the GGN label in theory and practice.