GLOBALG.A.P. in 2020 – A Year in Review




We envision a world in which farms are recognized for their efforts to continuously produce enough safe food while safeguarding our environment and the welfare of farming communities.




We collaborate with supply chain stakeholders to foster the global adoption of safe, socially and environmentally responsible farming practices by providing industry-leading, cost-effective and value-adding assurance and benchmarking solutions.




Every generation has a right to safe food. To protect this right now and for future generations, the world’s farms must produce safe food in ways that are socially and environmentally responsible and resilient.

Guy Callebaut

Chairman of the GLOBALG.A.P. Advisory Board

  Resilience and solidarity are key 

The past year was one like no other. We all had to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic in the best way we could, and it is within this challenging context that GLOBALG.A.P. continued with its plans for expansion and the revision of the IFA standard. Fortunately, GLOBALG.A.P. was able to navigate the year well, showing true resilience and solidarity with all supply chain members. On behalf of the Advisory Board, I would like to thank the GLOBALG.A.P. team for their hard work in these challenging circumstances.

Remaining true to the roots

I was pleased to see so many stakeholders participating in the revision process and adding their comments to ensure that IFA version 6 will be a fully consulted, fit-for-purpose standard. GLOBALG.A.P. has always worked in close collaboration with both producers and retailers, and this continues to be the case. I have total confidence in the GLOBALG.A.P. team to submit a final version to the Advisory Board later in 2021 which reflects the needs of all those in the supply chain.

Future-oriented solutions

In the coming years, smart farming solutions and the data that can be drawn from them will have an increasing impact on decisions and compliance at farm-level. We on the Advisory Board are confident that GLOBALG.A.P.’s products and services are developing in the right direction and will remain truly helpful tools for the worlds farms to market their safely and responsibly produced products. It will be a learning curve for many of us, but we are ready to tackle the challenge!

Kristian Moeller

CEO GLOBALG.A.P. c/o FoodPLUS GmbH 2020*

  We rose to the challenge in 2020 

2020 was a difficult year for everyone, but we rose to the challenge and emerged in good shape.  If anything, the coronavirus pandemic demonstrated more clearly than ever how vital it is to look after the health of the planet and its people. Our company purpose recognizes that safe food, produced in a socially and environmentally responsible way, is at the heart of this and we work hard every day to move closer to our vision. Our teams were able to continue their work remotely from home offices all around the world, and we even managed to grow our team in 2020 with 33 new employees!

Bumps along the road

The COVID-19 pandemic and the reactionary measures put in place by governments around the world did pose some issues for GLOBALG.A.P., which can be seen in our numbers throughout the report, however it also provided an impetus for innovation. The GLOBALG.A.P. Remote Procedure and our “How To” harvest video series were born out of this. It is amazing what resilience and inspiration can be born out of a crisis.

Getting fit for the future

2020 was also a year of revision for the GLOBALG.A.P. portfolio of farm assurance solutions and we began with an intense consultation period for our IFA standard. Our World Consultation Tour was taken online, which allowed us to connect with more stakeholders than ever before. In 2021, the revision is still ongoing but we can already begin to see our solutions taking shape and getting ready to enter the smart era. Our future offerings will be simpler, smarter, more digital and impact driven! Thank you to everyone who submitted comments and took part in the World Consultation Tour – your engagement is vital to making sure the GLOBALG.A.P. standards are fit for purpose and add value to the global farming industry and supply chains.

We are excited to see where these solutions take us in the coming years!

*Executive management at GLOBALG.A.P. c/o FoodPLUS GmbH underwent some changes at the end of 2020. As of January 2021, there are three managing directors – Elmé Coetzer-Boersma, Kristian Moeller, and Markus Philipp. For accuracy's sake, this report shall refer to Kristian Moeller as CEO in activity reports from 2020.  

Note: GLOBALG.A.P. c/o FoodPLUS GmbH is shortened to GLOBALG.A.P. throughout this report for easier reading. FoodPLUS GmbH is the legal entity and owner of the GLOBALG.A.P. brand and its activities.