From the Managing Directors of GLOBALG.A.P. c/o FoodPLUS GmbH

“Continued success amid some glimpses of normality”

As you’ve seen in this report, 2021 was a year of continued success for many of the existing solutions, despite the ongoing pandemic and the intense efforts spent on renewing the IFA and GRASP versions. We saw the recognition of our innovative solutions with the TOP 100 Innovator award, as well as a further increase in the hectares of certified production and volume of certified aquaculture.

But the biggest news in 2021 was the big leap forward for the GGN label! With a brand-new logo and a new venture into the product category of fruit and vegetables, the launch represents another milestone in championing the responsible farming efforts of producers and bringing these to end consumers.

Looking to the future, 2022 – which marks 25 years of FoodPLUS GmbH – has already seen the launch of our smart farm assurance solutions concept, and, in October, the publication of our final IFA v6 and GRASP v2 documents. The new versions will become obligatory in January 2024, to allow a generous transition period for all stakeholders.

2023 will bring with it a new Advisory Board election, as well as the return of even more events such as trade fairs and GLOBALG.A.P. TOUR stops. And finally, in line with growing sustainability requirements, the newest add-on for biodiversity will be implemented fully and revised for version 2. We look forward to all these challenges and more!

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Kristian Moeller, Dr. Elmé Coetzer-Boersma, Markus Philipp